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Bordeaux Mixture
Cuprous chloride
Copper oxychloride
Copper hydroxide

Copper Oxychloride
Copper oxychloride is the common name for basic cupric chloride having the chemical formula 3Cu(OH) 2. Cucl2. The main application of this chemical is as a protective fungicide in many crops. Generally the technical grade is produced and then it is formulated to suit for water based and oil based applications separately. Since this product is used for foliar application its suspendibility in water or oil is more important. Hence technical grade is manufactured under strict quality control to get the desired product .the specifications of the technical grade are as follows.

Moisture : 1%(Max)
Copper : 57%(Min)
Total Chlorine : 15.5%(Min)
Acidity as H2SO4 : 0.05%(Max)
Or, Alkalinity as Na2CO3 : 0.5%(Max)
Soluble copper salts : 30ppm(Max)
Lead : 0.05%(Max)
Arsenics : 0.05%(Max)

For tea, a low ph COC is used where as higher ph values are preferred for other crops though COC was initially developed as a substitute for Bordeaux mixture, later farmers started using this for soil drenching application also.

Uses of Copper oxychloride

As a fungicide
As a starting material for making Cu (OH) 2; Copper Hydroxide

Commercial Manufacturing

It is manufactured by the oxidation of Nacl – Cucl solution in presence of Copper metal.

Technical Information

Packing 10kg, 13kg bags and ½ kg packets

Copper hydroxide
Copper hydroxide is the hydrated cupric oxide. Its chemical formula is Cu (OH) 2.It is a very weak base. If heated even gently under water copper hydroxide decomposes into black cupric oxide. Copper hydroxide is a bluish fine powder having the molecular weight 97.56. The copper contents varies from 57 to 65% depending on the method of manufacture. However for the fungicidal applications the copper content is reduced to 50% in the formulation step.

Commercial Manufacturing

Commercial Copper hydroxide is manufactured from high quality copper scrap or copper salts in presence of certain stabilizers. The material for fungicide is tailor made in crystal size and shape. Cu (OH) 2 for chemical industry is characterized by very low impurities of base metals and chlorine.
The technical specifications of the copper hydroxide and for fungicidal property are as follows.

Molecular formula : Cu(OH)2
Molecular weight : 97.56
Suspendibility : 70%(Min)
Moisture : 2.5%(Min)
Wetting temperature : <60 seconds
Fineness : 44 microns

Advantage of Copper hydroxide

The main use of Cu(OH )2 is as a protective fungicide as a substitute for Bordeaux Mixture.
It is also used in chemical industries as a valuable starting material for other copper based compounds.

Packing 1 kg, 1/2kg and 100gm packets