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Research & Development
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We have immense pleasure in introducing ourselves as the only Industrial unit in India who is manufacturing and marketing ready – to – use ‘ Bordeaux Mixture ‘. At Biota, we also do manufacture and market other copper based fungicides like Copper Oxy Chloride and Copper Hydroxide. We never compromise in the quality of raw materials as well as products.
With a little diversion from the agricultural inputs, we also manufacture and market Cuprous Chloride, which is used in pigments.
After covering the entire southern and western Indian agricultural field, recently, Biota started exporting “ Blue Bordo “ to foreign destinations. We do not stop thinking and relax after the over whelming success of a new product. We know that we have miles to go before we relax. Complacent attitude, Over confidence, Negligence, Aversions to changes etc. have no room in Biota.
We do believe in team work. At Biota, we have a wonderful team having expertise in technical, commercial and administrative fields. We share ideas, discuss openly, welcome positive suggestions from any corner and any level, and very often we do come out with wonderful practical solutions
With the healthy working environment, talented work force, and dedicated supervisory and managerial staff,Biota is looking forward for a big expansion and diversification programme in the coming 5 – 10 years.
Biota believes in environment friendly technologies and cost – effective process parameters to meet any technical challenges. We are inviting people from India and abroad, to have faithful, healthy long term and good business deal with us. If you are happy, we too are happy.

To emerge as a multi-product company which is

Socially committed with innovation and integrity in all our actions.
Safe and eco-friendly through disaster management plans, health conscious administration and nature – friendly technologies.
Mentally broadminded to work together as a team having open and non – prejudiced discussions / interactions and healthy learning environment for all levels.
We are technologically driven to achieve consistent growth through excellent performance and speed of action.


We are technically competitive through sustained R & D efforts, acquiring the most modern scientific developments to make the best quality products in the most cost – effective way.
We are financially strong through up – dated processes, efficiently executed and managing the purchase, sales and expenditure through proper planning utilizing financial expertise and I . T. facilities.
We are internationally accepted by manufacturing sustained quality products at acceptable rates and through healthy, cordial and attractive business deals.
Biota will provide modified fungicide enriched with micro nutrients which exhibit wonderful results in the crop output.


2003 Biota was incorporated to be an integrated part of the agricultural industry through nature friendly inputs manufacturing.
2004 Biota introduced a Ready-to-use Bordeaux Mixture with the brand name ‘Blue Bordo’
  To meet the global challenges in the agricultural inputs, Biota started an R & D wing having technical experts and most modern analytical infrastructure.
2005 The agricultural market received the copper enriched ( 24.7 % ) Blue Bordo form Biota.
  Biota started pilot plant scale trials for Cuprous Chloride production.
2006 Blue Bordo Plus launching with increased suspendibility.
Successful pilot plant trails for Copper Oxy Chloride.
  Biota started manufacturing and marketing Cuprous Chloride.

2007 Inorder to meet the growing demand of Blue Bordo, Biota purchased a land in Alappuzha, Kerala, India. And further developments are going on.
  Production of technical grade Copper Oxy Chloride and its formulation to 50 WP with brand name “ biotox “ started.
  Pilot plant trails of Copper Hydroxide production started.
  Biota entered the global market by exporting Blue Bordo to foreign destinations.
  As a cost effective measure Biota started importing raw material from world market.

Research & Development

Research leads to development and development leads to progress and profitability. A good R & D Centre with dedicated team and the most sophisticated analytical and experimental infrastructure is the pillar on which Biota is built up. Inspired Thinking, Innovation and even leaps of imagination are part of our daily life at Biota. Our R & D outlook is to develop eco – friendly technologies in the most cost – effective way so that the products suit the customer’s pocket and give them the entire satisfaction. Our R & D team is fully devoted in improving the existing products as well as developing new agricultural inputs.

Manufacturing Facility

The manufacturing facilities play a vital role in the quality and quantity of any product. In this respect, Biota is fully equipped with the most modern machineries like batch / continuous reaction vessels, Paddle mixers, Filter Press, Centrifuges, Drying Owens, Impact Micro Pulverisers, Air Compressors, High Pressure Centrifugal Pumps etc….
The process control laboratory attached to the plant is capable of monitoring all the process parameters from time to time with high accuracy. The plant layout has been prepared in such a way that there is proper ventilation and working space for a healthy atmosphere for the workforce.